Project: Highfield Residential Development, Ballincollig, Cork

Clients: Murnane & O'Shea Ltd

Architects: Richard Rainey Architects

Contractor: Murnane & O'Shea Ltd

Status: 2006-Present

Value: €30M


The development comprises of a three phased residential development consisting of a mixture of various house and apartment types and sizes. The total number of dwelling units amounts to 229. Also included in the development is a childcare creche facility.


Extensive site investigations resulted in a design decision that all substructures would be constructed using piled raft foundations in accordance with the relevant codes. The apartment blocks have a single level basement constructed of reinforced concrete. The superstructure are a combination of structural masonry blockwork, reinforced insitu concrete, precast concrete and structural steelwork.


In relation to stormwater collection and disposal, a stormwater management plan is accordance with SUDS principle had been adopted. All surface water generated from the development is collected and drained by gravity to stormwater attenuation tanks (designed for the 1 in 100 year flood scenario) which attenuate and restrict the flows during periods of heavy rainfall thus alleviating the risk of potential downstream flooding. The topography of the site prevents a direct gravity connection to the existing public sewer. To overcome this the development is drained by gravity to a collection and storage facility before being pumped via a rising main to the existing public sewer.

DOSA are responsible for the project Management and Civil/Structural Engineering for the development.

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