Quality Policy

A core element of the DOSA organisational strategy is promoting high quality management systems and standards in consulting engineering. The Quality Management System is structured around the provision of a service to the Client.

We achieve this within a framework of total quality, continuous improvement and accreditation. DOSA is committed to maintaining our Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008.

The responsibility for ensuring implementation of the system lies with each staff member under the guidance of the nominated Senior Engineer. We provide a trained and committed workforce who will successfully achieve our high quality assurance standards. We ensure that all our staff are fully aware of our quality objectives and procedures.

DOSA continue to build on our experience and significant progress to date, with a view to refining our service and adapting on an ongoing basis to the needs of our customer.

DOSA ensure that customer requirements are clearly identified and understood and that we have the capability and the resources available to fulfil them. We take pride in the commitment and enthusiasm of each of our staff, which ensures the successful implementation of our quality assurance goals.

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